Step by Step Instructions

Collected below are some of the more commonly used step-by-step instructions (with screen shots) for actions taken in GotSoccer and in US Club. GOTSOCCER:Club    Adding a Coach to a Team Team      Registering for League Play    Adding a Player or Coach to Your Roster    Printing GDRs US CLUB:    New training links and videos    Getting Started with the National Registration System    How to Grant Admin Permission in the National Registration System    Sports Engine Various Instructions:

      How to Check if a User Does Not Meet the Established Rules or Warnings of US Club

      How to Purchase a Membership for a Team

     How to Transfer Players to Another Team [CSV Upload & Manual Addition]

     How to Add a Player to Another Team [CSV Upload & Manual Addition]

     How to Upload Proof of Birth

     How to Send Eligibility Reminders

     How to Print Cards

     How to Export a List of Players and Staff

    How to Print Rosters

    How to Purchase Memberships

    How to View a Team’s League Association Status

    How to Update Teams and People [SE Sync]